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We have all been looking forward to a change in the weather and I believe it is in the air, although we continue to have warm days and beautiful sunshine. The sun has shined on me when I met a friendly lady who invited me to speak at her book club. I felt it an honor to be asked and when the ladies arrived carrying copies of Tiny Makes a Friend, I was overwhelmed. I had never witnessed so many people carrying not just one book, but several to be signed. The hostess asked each lady to share the part of the book which they particularly enjoyed. Now, That was an experience many authors never have. I found it so interesting and was thankful for having such feedback. Needless to say, we enjoyed each other’s company sharing our interesting lives and experiences.

Soon, I will be participating in an Author’s Forum in the community in which we live. I will share the stage with fellow authors as we tell the story of the development of our books with our neighbors…. many do not know we have published books. I’m looking forward to this opportunity and think it will be a fun evening.

Now that school has begun and schedules are in effect, I wish all children have a successful school year and enjoy their friends and make new ones. For the parents, I wish them a stress free fall.


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