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Hello everyone. This is an exciting time – a time of renewal and beginnings. As a teacher, I always looked forward to meeting new students, seeing their eagerness to learn and helping them along the way.

In my last letter, I mentioned meeting book club friends. One of them had her teacher daughter-in-law introduce Tiny and Toby to her class. They loved the story and promptly wrote notes telling me so. I offered to visit the school so the students could “Meet the Author”. Now, I am eagerly awaiting this event.

Much to my satisfaction, our community’s Learning in Retirement club sponsored an Author’s Forum. Seven fellow authors met in the auditorium to present and discuss their book/s. It was an evening for residents to learn more about their gifted neighbors. I believe everyone went away appreciating each other more. Since the announcement of the event, I have met more authors and wish they had been able to join the forum.

The months are flying by and many activities are happening all around. Calendars are full and hopes are high for fun filled holidays ahead. We must be thankful for our blessings.


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