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1.Tiny and Toby meet in an animal rescue center. This gives readers the opportunity to learn about help and rehabilitation of animals.


2.Tiny Makes a Friend contains subjects that are common to children. During their developmental years they learn how to get along with others, to accept differences, to develop self-confidence and to have respect for parents, family members and friends. They also learn how to be a friend.


At the end of the book is a section called ASK YOURSELF designed to help readers focus on these aspects of learning and life. The following are examples:


* Do you know anyone who has been hungry? What can be done to help him or her?        

   What does your community do to help the hungry people?


* Have you ever done something you were told not to do?  What happened?  Did you get

   in trouble?   What did Tiny do that he was told not to do?  What did he do about it? 


* Has anybody ever made fun of you?   What did you do about it?  What happened to make

   it stop?  Why did Tiny’s brothers and sisters make fun of him?


* Have you ever seen anyone made fun of?  Did you do anything about it?  Why or why not?


* Have you ever felt lonely or scared?  What made you feel this way?  What happened to

   make these feelings go away?


* Do you have a best friend who helps you and does special things for you?


* Do you keep secrets with your friend? Is it hard to keep a secret?


3. In addition, blank pages are available at the back of this educational book so readers can      draw pictures of their best friends and record their own friendship experiences.


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