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Former Head of Design for Hanna-Barbera,

Bob Singer, says...


"Eva Schmidler has fashioned a charming tale that will appeal to younger readers and their parents. I can envision a mother reading it to her child or a teacher to her class and I'm sure the story would generate lively discussions."  


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The Story of Tiny

Tiny is the youngest mouse in a large family who live in an animal refuge center. He is always hungry and never seems to have enough to eat. Tiny's hunger leads him to exert confidence and determination to satisfy his hunger. Because of his boldness, he makes an unusual friend. As two unlikely friends grow up, they support and confide in one another. They understand that size doesn’t matter. Large or small, meek or intimidating, friends can share and help one another. Tiny and his friend plan and go on an adventure together which opens their eyes to what lies beyond the animal refuge park where they live. Eventually, events occur which lead to an unexpected outcome. Tiny Makes a Friend is about family and friends sharing, caring, respect and growing up. It is appropriate for ages five through twelve and is enjoyed by adults as well. 

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