Things always seem to happen at once. First, the local newspaper printed a picture

of my presentation of books to our local Griffin, GA library.

This library is one of the best and so supportive! Then, on Sunday, we visited

a wonderful local museum which is privately owned and only open a couple of

times a year. Walker Hill is an old home, but the secret lies in the large warehouse

behind the house where treasures of long ago are stored. In the center was a very

nice carousel, but I was most impressed by the number or organs, pianos and so

many "collections". The owner's granddaughter was there, so I presented the owner

with a book for her granddaughter. They were delighted to have a copy.

To top off the week, the book seller, A Novel Experience, in Zebulon, GA is now

stocking my book. A Novel Experience is just as it's name implies. It is a charming book

store with many sections including one for used books! I never saw that in a bookseller's

store before. Chris and her staff are such pleasant and nice people. You will want to

meet them at: 426 Thomaston Street, Zebulon, GA.

May you all have a delightful and HAPPY 2017.

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