Happy Holidays from Tiny and Toby

This is our first holiday greeting to you. We certainly hope yours is bright and cheerful. We are so excited to share with you that since we became available last summer, we have made many friends who have said such nice things that I would like to share with you...so here goes.

"Thank you for sending "Tiny Makes a Friend" to Germany! I loved reading it! It is a charming and touching story that all children will love. You have created great characters, Eva. Every child will easily identify with Tiny who is some kind of an underdog and they will enjoy how Tiny gets to make a friend who is so very different, yet also needs a friend so desperately. And how they help each other to grow up and become courageous and independent. Your book has a fantastic plot and message!

I especially enjoyed and appreciate the "Ask yourself" questions following the story. They guide young readers to become sensitive, empathetic and tolerant. These are such important values, especially these days!" Roswitha Maack

"I enjoyed this book and look forward to reading it to my grandchildren. In today’s word it’s almost necessary to reach out to others with just a smile or kind word and this book is a great teacher for just that. Thank you Eva for a wonderful story." Irene Lanza

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